Fiona Satow

British author of Christian books. She appears to have only written 3 books, two are children's novels and both are animal stories set in Cumbria. One of these features a pony, and although the pony does not appear in a lot of the book, it is integral to the plot and so I class the book as a pony story. Although this has the usual religious message contained in the story, it is reasonably unobtrusive and not too preachy.

The author was brought up on the Cumbrian fells, and spent her childhood exploring the area on foot and horseback, and also helping out on a local farm. The backdrop for her books features this landscape and the farming community. The native pony of the area - The Fell - is also featured in her pony story.

Horse & Pony Books:

(PUFFIN PB 2003)
Paperback original
SUMMARY: Christian pony story set in Cumbria. Nick and his twin sister Kate are very close. Their father is away and their mother is rather ineffectual, thus they spend many hours running somewhat wild on the fells and mountains. After an accident on a mountainside caused by Nick's carelessness, Kate is tragically killed. Nick finds it hard to cope with his overwhelming misery and guilt until a local farmer asks him to help train one of his fell ponies. Looking after the pony brings him a sense of purpose once more and he begins to learn to forgive himself.
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Collectors Info:
Paperback original. Fairly easy to find in the UK and usually cheap. Quite a lot harder to find in the USA, Australia and elsewhere.